Solea Laser Dentistry - Phoenix, AZ

Needle Free, Stress-Free Dentistry

Don’t put off going to the dentist because of anxiety over the needle or the sound of the drill. Now we have Solea, an advanced new dental laser technology that is virtually replacing the needle, drill, and scalpel in the dental office. Solea laser dentistry in our Phoenix, AZ dental office can accommodate patients of all ages and procedures of all kinds—without the need for anesthetic in most cases.

Dentist examining patient's smile after solea laser dentistry treatment

Why Choose Bell Road Dental Care of Phoenix for Solea Laser Dentistry?

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What is Solea?

Solea laser dentistry treatment

Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard, soft and osseous tissue procedures. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental, based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry. Solea offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavities to complex surgeries. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at a dental appointment.

Why Solea?

LAser dentistry treatment system

The majority of hard and soft tissue procedures in our dental office are done with virtually no anesthesia and soft tissue procedures are done with virtually no bleeding. Blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represent a major leap forward in dentistry, as we are able to execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings on the fly and soft tissue procedures in a single appointment. What does that mean for you, our patients? You are now able to receive the care you need in a fraction of the time. When patients have anesthesia, they typically leave the dental office with that numb feeling still prevalent. With Solea, you are able to go right out to lunch or back to work without that numb sensation following your appointment. Solea is truly changing what it means to go to the dentist.