Ruined Restorations: 3 Problems of Ill-Fitting Dentures

January 5, 2024

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Set of dentures on a holder next to dental instruments

Dentures are the tried-and-true method to restore a mouth full of missing teeth because they allow you to eat and speak as you did before tooth loss. Did you know, though, that your facial structure is also impacted by missing teeth?

Each time a pearly white falls out, your body reabsorbs bone mass from your jaw because it’s no longer needed for support. As your jawbone changes gradually, your dentures that once fit like a glove may start to come loose. Keep reading to learn 3 reasons that this is problematic and why you should see your dentist to have them adjusted or replaced!

Issue #1: Discomfort

Your dentures rely on a close suction against your gums to stay put meaning that when you first were fitted, your dentist customized them to the specific shape of your alveolar ridges (the bony structure that holds the sockets of your teeth). Unfortunately, the structure of your mouth shifts when you have haps in your smile and your dentures lose that airtight hold.

Instead, they start to slip and slide in your mouth which can cause painful blisters and sores which lead to swollen gums and/or gum disease. If you notice this happening, contact your dentist so they can examine your dentures and determine the best way to fix them.

Issue #2: Challenges Speaking

One of the greatest advantages of dentures is that you can use them to form words and sounds just like with your natural teeth. With them in place, you’ll once again be able to enjoy long conversations with loved ones or contribute to important business meetings.

That means that if they start to lose their grip or become dislodged, you’ll have a hard time trying to talk. You’ll likely start to overwork your tongue and other muscles trying to hold them in place, which can cause other issues like TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). This happens when the joints that connect your jawbone to your skull become inflamed and leave you with a sore, stiff, or locked jaw.

Issue #3: Reduced Self-Confidence

Another benefit to dentures is that they refill your grin, so you don’t feel self-conscious about embarrassing gaps, or a total lack of teeth, in your mouth. If yours aren’t fitting as well anymore, they could become dislodged during your next meal or discussion which can be both frustrating as well as humiliating. Thankfully, your dentist can find work with you to replace or repair them, so you don’t have to worry about any potential social faux pas.

If you’re worried about the condition of your restoration, call your dentist today. By doing so, you can regain peace of mind knowing that your smile will stay in place!

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