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Improved Care with Digital X-Rays

digital teethWhen it comes to making accurate diagnoses, we need as much information about your smile as possible. One way to gather information is a visual exam, but a visual exam won’t tell us everything we need to know which is why we also use X-rays.

Dentists have been using X-rays for many years. They show us what a visual exam alone can’t. X-rays make it easier to discuss your needs and treatment options with you. As revolutionary as traditional radiography was, digital radiography comes with a number of superior benefits.

First and foremost, digital radiography produces clearer and more detailed images. With this clarity, Dr. Sewright can accurately view areas for concern. It’s also easier for us to highlight those parts of your smile that need help so you can examine them with us during your consultation. As a result, the images we capture can be used in the education and treatment planning process.

The second great benefit of digital radiography is that images don’t have to be developed. Instead, they can be viewed immediately on a nearby monitor. Traditional X-rays were developed with harmful chemicals. Removing these chemicals from the treatment process benefits our team and the environment.

Last but not least, digital X-rays don’t have to be stored. While traditional X-rays required elaborate filing systems and physical storage space, digital X-rays can be saved to our computer system for easy reference.

Would you like to learn more about how digital X-ray technology has improved the treatment experience? Call Bell Road Dental Care in Phoenix to learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sewright.